2000-2001 Hunting Season

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The upcoming hunting season is right around the corner and I'm looking forward to it. Maybe this winter the weather will get back to normal with some nice artic cold fronts moving through and even some snow fall. Amber is 7 this year and will be old enough to do some serious hunting - Santa may even bring her a small compound bow for target shooting. Austin is 3 and still to young too handle very much in the way of cold weather. Amber started hunting with me at 3 and little dude went on a deer hunt last year on one of the warmer days. He thought he saw a buck.

I am shocked at what Kid's camo clothing cost! Pants and shirts are $20.00 and up. Coveralls are $40.00-$100.00. Good boots are hard if not impossible to find especially for Austin who wears a 10. I'm not sure how that 10 works I just know it's a little 10. The good thing is he can wear Amber's hand-me-downs. The other night he put on her old coveralls and boonie hat and wore them around the house all night - looking for deer :)

This is what we are all after:

Morgan County

Morgan County Hunter vs. Alabama Wildlife Division
Check out my hotly contested views on the current deer management strategy for Morgan County

December 19, 2000 - I sent an email to the Alabama Wildlife Division in November and received an email from a member of the Alabama Game and Fish Division. He was very nice and wants to meet with me after the deer season to discuss how I feel the 2001-2002 deer season structure should be composed. This is very interesting and I'll keep you informed.

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