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November 18th (PM) Monday - Hunted at the Dodge City club...saw zero.

November 15th Friday - I just went through the online survey system for Alabama deer harvests.  This is some interesting numbers!

    As of Friday November13th at Noon:
         Total Antlerless harvest by county - top three in Alabama:
             1. Jackson - 63 antlerless deer
             2. Madison - 61 antlerless deer
             3. Pickens - 33 antlerless deer

   North Alabama deer getting hammered...just one of the reasons South Alabama has a much higher deer population.

November 15th Friday - Ordered three boxes of Nosler 140gr Partition bullets for the Remington 7mm-08.  Hopefully, I can find some powder and primers soon.

November 15th Friday - Called two campgrounds in Stevenson about possibly putting the camper there for use on the weekends.  Might be an option.

November 14th Thursday - Studying the topo maps and using Google Earth...I have high hope for the Stevenson land...I think it's going to be really good!

November 14th Thursday - It seems impossible to find powder and primers for reloading.  I've checked everywhere locally and online....none to be had.  Bad deal!

November 13th (PM) Wednesday - Hunted Madison County land.  Saw two small bucks and lots of squirrels.  Cold but great weather.  Surprised I didn't see more.

November 12th (PM) Tuesday - Loaded 44 rounds of ammo for the Remington 7mm-08.

November 9th (PM) Saturday - Austin and I went squirrel hunting on the farm after the shooting session.

November 9th (PM) Saturday - Austin and I shot both muzzleloaders to make sure they were still sighted in.  Also, did the same with the Remington 700 270Win, Remington Sendero 7mm Mag and Remington 7mm-08 that we custom built.  Everything shot good.

November 9th Saturday - Loaded 68 rounds of ammo for the Remington 270Win.

November 9th Saturday - Got all the muzzleloader stuff ready to go.

November 8th (PM) Friday - Got some arrows for the bow ready to dip tomorrow.  I always dip and crest all my arrows.  I shoot 4" feathers and they fly good.  I'll post a picture when they are done.

November 8th (AM) Friday - Stopped by Gander Mountain for some shopping.  Can't find any reloading supplies anywhere!  No powder or primers to be had.  I stopped by Wiley Outdoor Sports and same story.  Called several places...no luck.  Went on line to Graf & Sons and Midway USA...out of everything and no hope in sight.  I think everyone is beefing up their arsenal!

November 8th (AM) Friday - Picked up Austin's two bucks from the taxidermist.  He did a great job!  http://www.billyoungstaxidermy.com/

November 7th (PM) Thursday - Hunted at the Dodge City club...saw zero.

November 7th (Mid-day) Thursday - Scouted at the Dodge City club...still not finding much deer sign.

November 7th  Ordered some replacement blades and tips for the Muzzy MX-4 100gr broadheads from Bowhunters Super Store. www.bowhunterssuperstore.com

November 7th  Put a new air filter on the Honda Rubicon.  I change the oil every fall and get it ready for the season.  It's about to hit 2,000 miles on it.  Got it new in 2006.  I've got a Honda 300 4x4 that I bought new in 1996.  Honda makes some good stuff.  I'd like a get a Yamaha Rhino soon!

November 6th (PM) Wednesday - Harvested a buck- click on picture below for link to story and pictures


November 5th Tuesday - Looked around at the hunting club at Dodge City...not much sign...worried that it's going to be a bust!

October 18th (PM) Friday - Looked around on the farm in Morgan County today...saw zero deer sign.  Not surprised!

October 17th (PM) Thursday - Got topo maps for Stevenson and Dodge City land today.

October 17th (PM) Thursday - Total rainfall at my house in Decatur was 0.59"

October 16th (PM) Wednesday - Finally getting some rain!  Got 0.28" so far in Decatur...that beats nothing!

October 16th (AM) Wednesday - Got a new set of tires for the truck.  BFGoodrich All-Terrain A/T KO - 275 65 R18.  This is the third set I've had on the truck.  They do real good.  Truck has 160K miles now and still going.  I bought it new in 2004.

October 15th (PM) Tuesday - I think I have everything to set for hunting land this season:
            Jackson County - Joined a club at Stevenson-1120 acres-6 or 7 members-Got several corn fields on the land
            Cullman County - Joined a club at Dodge City-2400 acres-15 members-Got a lot of food plots-rest of land looks pretty rough
            Morgan County-Got our farm to hunt on but almost no deer
            Madison County-Got around 60 acres of private land-lots of deer and I'm the only one hunting it
            Jackson County-Got a small piece of land at Paint Rock Valley-All woods
            Tennessee Land-Got some land I have access to in TN-Gets lots of pressure around it

October 14th (PM) Monday - Cullman County: Looked at some land in the Dodge City area this afternoon.

October 13th (PM) Sunday - Jackson County: Looked at some land in Stevenson this afternoon.

October 7th (PM) Monday - Madison County: Mailed a check to help out with the taxes on the land I hunt in Madison County

September 27th (PM) Friday - Sent off the information to get Austin a new Lifetime Hunting/Fishing License with his hunter safety number listed.  Cost $5 for a replacement card.  I bought Amber and Austin a lifetime license a several years ago before the rates went up.  I think it was $450 each at the time.

September 26th (PM) Thursday - Austin passed his Hunter Safety Class

September 22nd (PM) Sunday - Morgan County: Dove Hunting

September 8th (PM) Sunday - Morgan County: Dove Hunting

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