Antler Circumference

By Jeff Smith
September 2002

“Yea Boy, that was a HUGE buck … his rack was as big as a baseball bat!!” You ever heard this statement? I’m sure you have, I have a million times. The next time someone tells you this, remember this article and have a little chuckle.

B&C Whitetail World Records


Owner: Milo Hanson
1993 – Biggar, Saskatchewan
B&C Score – 213 5/8”
Circumference – Right 4 6/8” Left 5 0/8”


Owner: Missouri Dept of Conservation
1981 – St. Louis County, Missouri
B&C Score – 333 7/8”
Circumference – Right 5 1/8” Left 5 1/8”

The reining world records have antler bases in the neighborhood of 5 1/8 inches.

There’s some deer with larger bases, however I doubt any of them have bases the size of a baseball bat.

I measured two deer in the 150 B&C range at home. They both have bases in the neighbor of 5 inches - very heavy mass.

Circumference of Normal Comparisons:

Baseball Bat – 9”
Coke Can – 8 1/4”
Thumb to Index Finger Wrapped – 6”
Skoal Can - 8 1/4”
Fist - 13"

You can see from these measurements that the chances of a deer have a base the size of a baseball bat is slim-to-none. Think how large a skull plate a deer would need to support the width of two baseball bats. They talk about a buck having a spread outside the ears of 14 inches. To have antler bases the size of baseball bats, his head would be over 12 inches wide not counting the ears. That would be huge! Your getting into an elk sized animal.

Keep this in mind the next time someone says, “That buck has bases the size of ….”.

Have a safe hunting season

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