Big Texas Deer

These pictures are from the King's Ranch in Texas:

Birthplace of American Ranching

Founded in 1853 by Captain Richard King, King Ranch sprawls across 825,000 acres of South Texas with land that varies from fertile black farmland to low-lying coastal marshes to mesquite infested pastures that mark the beginning of the great Texas brush country. Covering almost 1,300 square miles, it is larger than the entire state of Rhode Island. Captain King’s descendants continue to play an active role at King Ranch working with professional management to build on traditions of the past and innovations for the future.

King Ranch Today

Once a dusty outpost on the road between the settlements of Corpus Christi and Brownsville, King Ranch is, at 825,000 acres, one of the largest working ranches in the United States today. While it continues to advance cattle ranching and preserve the legacy begun by Captain King, King Ranch is more than a cattle ranch. Today's King Ranch has diversified and grown into a major agribusiness corporation, with interests in cattle ranching and feedlot operations, farming (cotton, grain, sugar cane, and sod), citrus groves, commodity marketing and processing, and recreational hunting. Its retail operations include luggage and leather goods, farm equipment, commercial printing, and tourism.

Note: These rates may change!

Whitetail Deer Hunt #1
$5,000.00 flat fee, up to a 150 Boone & Crockett Gross Score plus $150.00 per Boone & Crockett point thereafter.
(3 day hunt)

Whitetail Deer Hunt #2
$3,000.00 Management Buck - 8 points or less (2 day hunt)

Whitetail Deer Hunt #3
$1,250.00 Cull Buck

For further information on recreational hunting leases and guided hunts for deer or quail call Butch Thompson at (361) 595-4158 ext. 330, e-mail at, or Mary Crowell at (361) 595-4156 ext. 350, e-mail at There are no hunting brochures available. Thank you for your interest.

Information on other hunts may be obtained by calling King Ranch Saddle Shop at (361) 595-1424.

I don't think these would be considered Cull Bucks :)

This is my favorite deer on this page!!

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