Boar Hunt

In 1992, a band of outlaws went on a boar hunting trip to Cleburne County. We obtained permission to hunt a swamp that was supposedly "ate-up" with wild boar. Let me just say this about that - a swamp in June is "ate-up" with snakes ... guaranteed. We slipped around in the swamp for a couple of days and had not seen hide-nor-hair of a single boar. We were passing this old shack on the way to another location in the swamp and I stopped and ask this old man, he must have been over 100 years old, where we could find some wild boar in the swamp. He said, "Wild boar .... I've lived here all my life and I've never seen a wild boar down here." We went back and packed up our bows to head home the next day.

(L to R) Vince Edmonds, Brandon Givens, Charles Edmonds