Hunting Pictures

Ronnie Conerly with a South Alabama Buck

Ronnie Conerly with a Black Widow recurve harvest in North Alabama.

A nice South Alabama Buck and Doe

A Paint Rock Valley 8-pointer

An 8-pointer I harvested - 180 lbs.

South Alabama Hunting

Jim Childers with a monster bow buck - this deer has a typical 8-point frame and a total of 18 points that are over an inch long - check out the hook tine above the eye and the enormous brow tines - inside spread is 19 inches - this picture does not do the deer justice as I can contest it's a monster!

This deer was harvested by Joe Simmons in Bankhead National Forest

2000 - David Crump with a bow harvest

2001 - Jim Childers - one 8-point is his and one is mine

2000 - A nice 8-point

Ronnie giving away a few deer on the way home from a week in South Alabama
We had a great trip!

1999 - Lee Brown with a Tishabee Farms 8-point.

A nice Bullock County Buck

Ronnie Conerly with a South Alabama buck

2002 - A couple of bucks Jim and I harvested

2001 - Everette Ramage with a Tennessee monster buck

2001 - Matt Saltzman with a Tennessee 8-point

2002 - Randy Hogeland with a South Alabama buck

2002 - Jim Childers with a 196lb 6-point

2002 - Randy and Carlos with two Greene County bucks

2002 - That's a big 6pt. loaded on the "Moon Buggy" and a couple more of deer hanging that Jim and I harvested.

2002 - A couple of deer in a plush North Alabama food plot

2001 - A spotted fawn in a soybean field just after the beans have been picked

2002 - Ronnie Conerly with a South Alabama Buck
8pt. - 200 lbs. - 125 B&C

2002 - Jim Childers - Spike - High Country Bow

2002 - This deer was harvested on Redstone Arsenal
Check out the long bow and bobcat quiver - this dude looks serious
it's a nice deer - check out the huge head in the top picture
Someone sent me the picture - I don't know the hunter
If you know him - send me an email with his name and I'll contact him to see if he can provide the details

2002 - Tommy Roberts - 8pt.- 170 lbs. - Ruger Lever-Action 44 Mag
112 yards with Iron Sights
That's a tough shot!

2002 - Macon County Alabama
Don't know much about this deer or hunter - picture was sent by a friend
Harvested off a 100-acre tract of land

2002 - Jim Childers - Spike - 145 lbs.
Check out the Plush Wheat Plot!

2002 - Mike Rushnok - 9pt.- 223 lbs. - Ohio
Congrats Mike - great buck!

2001 - Roger Feazell - Talladega County - 8pt.
Shotgun - 35 yards

2002 - Lamar County
Check out the kickers off the G-2's, split brow tines, double drop tines off the left base
This is a great non-typical - I can't believe he doesn't look happier!

2002 - Tommy Roberts - 7pt.

2002 - 15 pt. - 133 3/8 B&C and 7 pt.
This hunter is Garrett from Bristol, Florida's Uncle - looks like a cool dude

2003 - Roger Feazell - Talladega County - 10pt.
January 11 - Shotgun - 40 yards

2004 - Jim and Michael with a 7pt Muzzleloader Buck

2004 - Jim with a big 6pt - 188 lbs.

2004 - John Bakkegard - Iowa

2004 - Todd Bates - 22 pt.

2004 - Mike Murphree - 8pt.

2004 - Casey Crump, 11-years old, with her first deer - a 120 pound doe and she shot it once (just like her old man :) with her Grandfather Jim's .30-30 at 100 yards while hunting in Marion County from a ground blind

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