Duck Hunting

2000-2001 Duck Season

December 2000 - I'm not a big duck hunter but do enjoy going from time to time. The two stamps cost twenty-one dollars and that's not bad for a duck hunt or two a season. A friend of mine is a big duck hunter and hunts in North Alabama as well as a duck-hunting club in Arkansas. I normally go went him once or twice a season.

December 30, 2000 - We had a great hunt. It was very cold with the temperature in the teens and wind chill at -10. The water was frozen and we had to break the ice to put out the decoys. We harvested 8 gadwalls and had a great time. I don't have a real good pair of cold weather waders and my feet nearly froze! My waders are primarily used for bow fishing and only have 200gr Thinsulate boots. On top of that I can only wear a liner sock and medium thickness sock with them. If I were a serious duck hunter I would need a better pair of waders. One of the guys with us has a pair of Lacrosse Brush-Tuff 1200 Chest Waders and his feet were toasty warm. That morning I would've paid the $250.00 for them! A 1200gr Thinsulate boot has to be warm. Not being familiar with navigating in frozen water, while I was retrieving one of the ducks I stumbled and took a bath .... a cold icy bath! I was pretty cold but survived. Pictures coming.

Weapon: Browning Gold Hunter
Caliber: 12ga
Shell: Winchester 3" Steel Shot
Date: December 30, 2000

Gold Turkey Shotgun in Mossy Oak® Breakup™

A 24" barrel with our Hi-Viz® sight creates the ultimate turkey gun. The Gold Turkey's composite
stock is durably finished with a treatment of Mossy Oak Break-Up camouflage to keeping it
hidden from the most wary tom -- right up until a full payload of lead roars through an extra-full
turkey choke tube. Your choice of 3" or 3 1/2" chamber.

This is the gun I use for turkey and waterfowl hunting.

2001-2002 Duck Season

October 2001 - I'm looking forward to this years duck season. I'm not a big duck hunter but do enjoy going. I've upgraded my waders to the Cabela's Ultimate Hunting Wader that has 1000gr Thinsulate boots. I've only worn them once but I think I'm really going to like them. Jim plans to carry me to his hunting club in Arkansas this season and I'm looking forward to that.

December 15, 2001 - Jim Childers and I went duck hunting on Alabama's opening day. We saw around 40 or 50 wood ducks right after daylight. We harvested 3 and could have shoot many more. The morning was very warm ... around the 50 degree range. I tried a new recipe and for the first time the duck meat was edible. The entire family enjoyed it. I plan to start a recipe section and will put the information there.

2001 Arkansas Duck Hunting

Kicking Back

A couple of Greenheads

Jim and Levi

Levi just about disappears in the cane

Levi with my first Arkansas Snow Goose

Levi with my first Arkansas Greenhead

Mike busting the ice to put out decoys

Jim with the Moon Buggy

The spread

A beautiful day with sun, wind and blue skies

We saw thousands of Geese migrating

Check out the blue-bird sky

An Arkansas sunrise over the rice field

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