Hale County Hunting

August 2002 - I'm in the process of joining a club in Hale County for this season - Hopefully. I'm excited about it and hope it works out. I bought a dozen shafts and almost got them ready to go. I plan to start shooting quite a bit in the afternoons and weekends.

September 2002 - It all worked out and I was able to join the club - Short Cut Hunting Club. We had a work weekend on September 19, 20 and 21 - We planted somewhere around 25 food plots with wheat, oats and rye. My legs and back's sore from getting bounced around on one of the tractors - other than that it was a good session. We have another work weekend on October 5th.

October 2002 - I bought a new camper to use at the hunting club in the winter and for family camping in the summer.  It's 28' with a bedroom in the front and full-bed and twin bunk in the back.  It has a kitchen, sofa, table and TV hookups.  It's nice!  I got electricity and water hookups at the club.  It's a Gulf Stream Conquest.  I wanted to get something nice so the family could go with me some weekends to the club.  

This is the floor plan except I got the full size bottom bunk in the back bedroom.

November 10, 2002 - I've hunted at the club twice since bow season opened.  

Trip 1: Jim and myself - We saw very few deer with the hot weather and tons of browse in the pine thickets.  Jim harvested a spike off the ground in a food plot - I was with him at the time ... I was exciting.  

Trip 2: Kim, Amber, Austin and myself - I hunted an afternoon and the next morning, due to rain, we headed back home early.  The family loved staying in the new camper.  I saw a few deer.

December 1, 2002 -I haven't been to my club in Hale County since gun season opened but I hear the deer are really moving.  Ambers basketball games and practice has kept me home - family is higher on the priority list than hunting. The family has several hunting trips planned during the month of December.  A friend of mine from the club, Rodney Johnson, harvested a huge buck in Kentucky - I'm waiting on a picture to put on me website.

2002 - Amber and Austin hunting in South Alabama 

Shooting house on food plot

Getting ready for some action

I just ate my 4th candy bar :)

2002 - Amber and Austin at the camper in Hale County

They have a good time camping

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