Hunting and Rambling

Seated: (L-R) Charles Edmonds, Brandon Givens
Standing: (L-R) Jeff Guffey, Jeff Smith, Jesse

A gang of Grant Mountain Outlaws on a hunting trip to Oakmulgee Management Area in 1990. That's the cabin we stayed in on some private land about 10 minutes from the management area. That's me with a doe I harvested with a bow on the management area. The front door would not close all the way and critters would come in the cabin of the night. We had a lot of great trips to the Mugee Cabin.

Charles and Ken on the porch of our cabin on Maxwell Mountain in Paint Rock Valley.
I've spent many a nights in there before a big hunt.

I out did my buddy Jim - he's harvested over 100 deer but never a Unicorn!

A hunting trip to Bingham Mountain in Paint Rock Valley. That's Charles Edmonds' "Green Goat" in the background. That's my 3-wheeler ... I've turned it over many times trying to haul deer out of the rocks and mountains in Paint Rock.

Cabin on Bingham Mountain. Sleeping quarters were upstairs and consisted of about a dozen mattresses on the floor. We would pitch a sleeping bag down on the floor and sleep. The rats were so bad that you could feel them running across the sleeping bag of the night. A few of us even had them run across our head sticking out of the sleeping bag. On one trip up there, Vince Edmonds and myself cleaned out the cabin when we arrived as it was the first trip of the year. That night we were cooking fresh venison and burned the grease. We were out of grease and remembered an old can of Crisco that we had thrown out. We went outside and took the can of Crisco out of the trash. It did not have a lid on it and the top was covered with bugs that had gotten stuck in the can over time and died. We scraped the top layer off and cooked the venison in the remaining grease. It had a twang to it! That night when we went to bed in the "Rat Loft", we sat the can on the table in case one or both of us got sick we could grab the can on the way out to the hospital. We survived.