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My thoughts on some matters that deal with hunting and shooting. These are my opinions and are only that ... opinions. You may agree or disagree - either way I'd like to hear your comments. Send me an email.

During my free time, I like to research different areas of interest within the realm of hunting. I decided to put some of my thoughts to print this winter. I enjoy talking with hunters and shooters to see how they feel about different topics. These articles contain my views on several different topics, I am far from an expert on hunting; however I've learned a lot from these guys and my own personal experience in the field. As a general rule, I'm always leery of what I read in books and magazines. I'm a "Show Me" kind of person and try to incorporate my time a field in the articles. I'm a software developer by trade and an outdoorsman by heart. I'm not an English major or an articulate writer, while growing up I spent most of my free time rambling around or playing sports ... not studying nouns, verbs and all that other crap :)

Reloading - It's a Blast! - Reloading information and stories (September 2004)
        (Published in November 2004 - Wishigan Outdoors Magazine)

Tracking Wounded Deer: It's an Art - My thoughts on tracking of wounded deer.
(Published in October 2004 - Alabama Game and Fish Magazine)

Youth Rifles - Comparing popular calibers
        (Published in April 2004 - Wishigan Outdoors Magazine)

Venison - How to prepare and cook with recipes (October 2007)

Muzzleloaders - A Primitive Weapon?
         (Published in December 2005 - Wishigan Outdoors Magazine)

Muzzleloader Bullet Weight Retention - Check out the weight of bullets recovered from deer. (December 2003)

Deer Dressing Equipment - What I prefer to use. (November 2003)

Food Plots - Random thoughts and Pictures (October 2003)

Muzzleloaders - A Primitive Weapon? (September 2003)

Running Deer - How far will a deer traveling during the time-of-flight of a bullet?  You'll be shocked!! (August 2003)

Live to Hunt another Day - An interesting article about safety belts and a couple of falls I've had while hunting. (January 2003)

Feathers vs. Vanes - Pros and Cons. Which is right for you? (September 2002)

Antler Base Circumference - Ever heard, "His rack was as big as a baseball bat!" - Check out these numbers (September 2002)

Kinetic Energy is King - Archery and KE - How much KE do you need? (August 2002)

Rifle Group - Check out this dime size 3-shot group (July 2002)

Sandbags - An economical way to make sandbags. (December 2001)

Morgan County - My take on the hunters choice situation for Morgan County - not for the faint of heart. (November 2000)

Reloading - The building of custom ammunition from scratch. (December 1999)

Deer Quality Management - What it takes to grow the big boys - most of this article is from me and some from another source.

Ladder Stands - What to buy. Coming Soon.

Diagram of the Kill Zone - Where the organs are positioned. Coming Soon.

Extreme Cold and Warm Weather - How does it effect deer hunting? Coming Soon.

Hunting in the Rain - How does it affect deer movement. Coming Soon.

Target Stand - How to make a great target stand. Coming Soon.

Bore Sighting - What's it worth? Coming Soon.

How to Camouflage Stuff - I'm a camo junkie and paint almost everything that I hunt with. Coming Soon.

My thoughts on what's happening with the Alabama deer herd. Coming Soon.

Shot Angles with a Bow - Lessons learned the hard way. Coming Soon.

Counting Points - I'm amazed at how people are so good at counting points. Coming Soon.

Butchering Deer - Some good tips on getting the deer to the freezer. Coming Soon.

Should Baiting be Legal? - Should be interesting. Coming Soon.

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