Remington 700 Sendero - 7mm Rem Mag - Target Practice

A way to make good cheap sandbags - take an old pair of jeans - cut the legs off - normally one leg will make at least two bags - sew one end of the page completely shut using several rounds of thread - a sewing machine works great - you can run the end back and forth several times - then sew the other end several times almost to the end leaving enough room to get a small funnel end into the hole - buy a bag of sand at a hardware store and fill the bag using a funnel - when it is full either sew the hole shut or use several safety pins to close it off - do not fill the bag completely full - only about 75% - this will allow you to position the bag and allow the weapon to work down into the sand - I've used sand from an open pit and it doesn't work as good as the "Kids Play Sand" they sell - the open pit sand tends to be moist even in dry weather - you can make many bags for less than a dollar each - I have a big plastic carring tub that I transport them to shoot - make sure they don't get wet - make about 6 or 7 bags ... you'll really enjoy the shooting - people say, "I don't have sandbags when I hunt" - that's true but shooting off of sandbags will allow you to really get a grip on how your weapon is performing - it allows you to fine tune your range and skills especially the trigger pull

To make a real functional target - take a wooden sawhorse and cover the front with a 1/2" piece of foam insulation then place the targets on the foam with plastic-cap nails - don't place the targets right on the edges and the legs and top of the sawhorse will not get shot - works real well - you can get several and put them at different yardages - for pistol competition - you can place several into a relay course setting

You should allow wear hearing protection when shooting - here I'm just taking a picture not shooting - always carry hearing protection for children - children have much more sensitive ears than adults

Remington 700 - 270Win - Target Practice
Notice the paint job - Amber and I put the camo to it

Pistol shooting

The camera is on a tripod

Getting ready to burn some powder